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Premium Plan: $25.00*
The Premium Plan provides 250 hours** a month access to the World Wide Web (an average of eight hours a day) that can be used any time. It includes up to 5 e-mail addresses, 5 MB web space, a no-busy-signal policy ($5.00 credit to your account if busy signals are caused by our system), support for one ISDN channel, virus protection, and extended technical support.
Premium Plan Add On's:
Additional Emails: $5.00 each
Additional Logons: $15.00 each
Single Channel ISDN: N/C
Dual Channel ISDN: $15.00/month
(refer to ISDN brochure for charges and specifics)
DSL Loop Charge: $33.00/month
(refer to DSL brochure for charges and specifics)
Domain Hosting:$25.00/month***
*A one-time fee of $20 will be charged to activate your account. If you plan to be away for a month or more, we will be happy to put your account on hold and reactivate at no cost when you return.
**A charge of .03 a minute will be applied for every minute over the allotted access time.
***A one-time fee of $50.00 will be charged for web hosting set-up.

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