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WestCoastNet, a company started in 1995 by a Portland network engineer, Michael Lehman, to provide local dial-up access to the coast. But the biggest role for WestCoastNet has become providing "missing links" in communication chains for businesses and other organizations.

On July 26, 2005 - ownership of DSL and web hosting customers was transitioned to Gorge Networks.  Gorge Networks is a regional provider of all internet services to meet the needs of both home users as well as high-end business class customers.  We continue to maintain and serve numerous Coastal individuals and organizations, including hospitals, clinics, city and county governments, and real estate groups.

Gorge Networks has been offering internet services since 1995 and continues to this day offering high end services while maintinaing the small community relationship with our customers.

The transition of service to Gorge Networks has allowed us to offer more services at lower prices than what was previously available. 

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